Welcome To My World

I have been thinking about how we all see art. The political chaos and unpleasantness of the last year has produced a very specific consequence that I have been seeing in my gallery.

The creation of art has only 2 participants, myself as the creator of each image and you as the viewer of same. The circle is not complete until you bring your views and experience to the painting. Also, there are only 6 basic shapes in nature, so everything we see falls into one of these 6 categories. Additionally, since the image is fixed, it may be viewed either positively or negatively as in the old adage about the glass being half-full or half-empty.

I try to focus on positive images in my work, but this last year has sent a lot of people to my gallery that are seeing negatives. Let me give you an example: the last piece I did in 2016 is a canvas called Useful. It depicts a woman holding 2 baby trees, one in each hand; she is smiling at one of them who is hugging her; and she is standing amidst a circle of trees with 2 holes in front of her. A woman asked me “Why is she ripping out trees?” I was truly startled, as I thought I had painted her planting them! But then it happened again with another image......and then again.

Normally, this occurs about once every 5 years when a piece is viewed by an individual in the middle of a major trauma such as a divorce. There is no question in my mind that the flooding of nastiness we have all endured over the last l8 months has resulted in a major change in how we view things.

Don't let it happen to you. The glass is still half-full, people are still planting trees, and C. Ford is still painting positive pictures!


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