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I have been thinking about art’s place and responsibility in the chaotic world that surrounds us today. One of my strongest influences as a teenager was a line in William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech: “It is the responsibility of the creative mind to help mankind not only to survive, but to endure.”

I have been contemplating this while working on this year’s assemblage for the Children’s Museum of Discovery (shown here). It is called “Magic Birthday” and was a blast to do - even “the gifts” have gifts inside!

Magic Birthday

I always try to give a positive message in these pieces, even subliminally. This one is the fact the fairy CHOOSES what she plays, as we all choose what we say and what we do. We have control over what we strew about. The children who see this will remember that the fairy was strewing hearts and love. Perhaps they too will make that choice in their lives.

This leads to the subject of what art we choose to display in our homes and work environments, and I suggest we need to review what we display with two questions in mind: “What message is being given by this piece?“, and “Is this the message I wish to send?”.

We may not have a giant audience like some of the hate mongers do, but we can make a difference. 100,000 will see this piece, and they are the next generation.


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